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Working Fire and Trauma Call

On Friday, July 29th, the East Northport Fire Department got a chance to put all there recent training into practice for both fire and rescue purposes.

At 12:33hrs The East Northport Fire Department responded to reports of smoke and flames showing from the side of a house on Ripley drive in Northport. Shortly after the arrival of Chief Kaifler (2-10-30) a Working Residential Structure Fire was transmitted for fire in the walls and garage of the house.

With assistance from neighboring departments, the fire was deemed under control in 30 minutes. No one was injured and property damage was kept to a minimum.

The following units from the East Northport Fire Dept were on scene to handle the call:


Chief 2-10-30 Chief 2-10-31

Chief 2-10-32 Engine 2-10-1 Engine 2-10-4 Ladder 2-10-2 Ambulance 2-10-15 Ambulance 2-10-45 Paramedic 2-10-81 Fire Police 2-10-13 Rehab Vehicle 2-10-11

Later that day, at 17:29 hrs (5:29pm) the East Northport Fire Department responded to a call for a pediatric fall deep in the woods behind the Northport VA Hospital. After trekking about a mile and half into the woods, the victim was found by the ENFD paramedic. It was determined that the victim had injured himself while riding a bicycle on the trails behind the hospital.


With the use of the Brush Truck 2-10-7, rescuers were able to retrieve the patient and bring him to a waiting ambulance where the ENFD paramedic and EMTs along with the Stony Brook Flight Medic were able to assess, stabilize, and transport the patient to a waiting Suffolk County Police Aviation Unit Helicopter who quickly flew the child to Stony Brook University Medical Center.

Due to the quick actions of the ENFD, the patient was able to get to the highest level of trauma care and receive the proper treatment for his injuries.

The following units from ENFD responded to this traumatic injury:

Chief 2-10-30

Chief 2-10-32

Ambulance 2-10-45

Ambulance 2-10-25

Paramedic 2-10-81

Brush Truck 2-10-7

Engine 2-10-1

ENFD would like to thank the Northport Fire Department, Commack Fire Department, and the Greenlawn Fire Department for their prompt response and assistance at Ripley Drive, and the Suffolk County Police Aviation Unit and the Northport VA Hospital Fire Department for their assistance at the pediatric trauma.

Photos from Ripley Drive fire

Photo of Ripley Drive response Credit: Jeff DiLavore (Long Island FD Rant News)

Photos of Northport VA Woods rescue

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