Current Fire Chiefs

Chief of Department
Wayne Kaifler Jr.
1st Asst. Chief
Steven Macedonio
2nd Asst Chief
Matt Cambria
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A Message from Chief Kaifler Jr.

Welcome to the East Northport Fire Department Web Site.  Our web site is packed with exciting new features that will help you find out what the Department is doing in your community! Along with Headquarters located on Larkfield Rd is Station 1 located on Clay Pitts Rd.  The New Station 2 on Laurel Rd is under construction and will open later in 2020.  All Stations combined have 118 men and women volunteering for our community.. The Department responded to 2656 emergency calls in 2019.  The Department operates with  1 Tower Ladder, 5 Engines, 4 ALS Ambulances, District Paramedic Responder (24/7), District EMT Responder and Fire Police Truck. Our many men and women have trained countless hours to keep up with today’s technology.                  
Thank you.                   

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