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ENFD controls fire in 30 minutes

On July 21st, The East Northport Fire Department responded to a report of smoke on the side of a house on Dickinson Avenue. Shortly after arriving and assessing the situation, Chief of Department Wayne Kaifler Jr. transmitted the 13-35, or code for a working fire.

With assistance from neighboring departments, the fire was deemed under control in 30 minutes. No one was injured and property damage was kept to a minimum.

The following units from the East Northport Fire Dept were on scene to handle the call:

Chief 2-10-30

Chief 2-10-31

Chief 2-10-32

Engine 2-10-1

Engine 2-10-4

Engine 2-10-6

Ambulance 2-10-5

Ambulance 2-10-45

Paramedic 2-10-81

Fire Police 2-10-8

Fire Police 2-10-13

Rehab Vehicle 2-10-18

ENFD would like to thank the following departments for their prompt response and assistance on this call: Northport Fire Department, Commack Fire Department, Kings Park Fire Department, and Greenlawn Fire Department.

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