ENFD members recognized for cardiac arrest save.

May 23, 2016

     On Sunday, November 22, 2015 at 1039 hours the East Northport Fire Department was activated for an adult male in seizures. Ambulance 2-10-25 arrived on scene within five minutes of being activated and found a male patient on the ground in the kitchen with agonal breaths.

     As the crew began respiratory ventilations, the patient went into cardiac arrest. Two of the crew members began chest compressions right away while another retrieved the AED. As the crew continued effective chest compressions, the AED was attached and no shock was advised. As the crew returned to compressions and ventilations, Paramedic 2-10-81 arrived.

     The patient was attached to the monitor and was in P.E.A. and IV access was established. The Lucas device was attached and after one round of epinephrine was administered, the patient’s rhythm was now a sinus rhythm and he started to breath on his own. The patient was monitored and transported to Huntington Hospital where he made a full recovery and was eventually released.


     Congratulations to Rescue Lt/EMT Barbara Striveski, EMT Donna Grant, FF/EMT Allison Galofaro, and EMT Bruce Grant for receiving the EMT Medal for a Cardiac Arrest Save.


     From left to right: Chief Wayne Kaifler Jr, Rescue Lt/EMT Barbara Striveski, EMT Donna Grant, EMT Allison Galofaro, EMT Bruce Grant, 1st Asst Chief Dan Heffernan, and 2nd Asst Chief Dan Flannigan.




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