• Daniel Heffernan

Station 2 Construction Update

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

We are excited to announce that construction is under way on our new Fire Station at 202 Laurel Rd. Construction is proceeding and the structure is standing. Work continues on the inside and outside of the Station.

Station 2 will enhance our Fire Rescue response to the Northern part of the Fire District. Together with Headquarters (1 9th Ave) which is centrally located and Station 1 (360 Clay PItts Rd), which covers the south side of the Fire District, the 3 Stations will cover the Fire District evenly. Station 2 will be fully operational later in 2020.

The East Northport Fire Districts northern border is Route 25A and Middleville Rd. The eastern border is Bread and Cheese Hollow Road and Townline Road. The southern border is Cedar Road. The western border is Elwood Rd, Stony Hollow Road and Sandy Hollow Road.

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