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ENFD Donates Gear to Louisiana Flood Victims

St. Amant, Louisiana - Earlier this week, Jeff Dilavore of FD Rant News, and Brian Welliver, traveled to flood ravaged Louisiana to lend assistance to the volunteer firefighters in the area.

The two drove down to Louisiana with a small trailer in tow which was carrying firefighting and EMS gear donated by the East Northport, East Farmingdale, and Kings Park Fire Departments.

In the past, the states of Louisiana and New York have had a great relationship. In the wake of the attacks on September 11th, the citizens of Louisiana raised money and purchased a fire truck that was donated to the New York Fire Department. The truck, which was named, "The Spirit of Louisiana" served as FDNY Engine 283 for 4 years until is was requested back by its home state after hurricane Katrina.

In an effort to pay back some of that southern hospitality, the fire departments from Long Island donated 23 sets of turnout gear, 26 pairs of firefighting boots and other assorted EMS supplies to the St Amant Volunteer Fire Department. During the floods, St Amant lost all three of their fire stations and all of their firefighting gear. They were able to move their vehicles to higher ground before sustaining too much damage.

In addition to the donations from Long Island, Jeff and Brian provided assistance with some of the work needed on the fire station as well as St Amant VFD members homes. They state in St Amant for several days, lending a hand. "We have met some incredible people here in such a short period of time. True southern hospitality at its finest," stated Dilavore.

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