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ENFD responds to overturned vehicle

On Tuesday, August 23, 2016, at 6:06 pm, the East Northport Fire Department received a call for an overturned vehicle on 5th avenue, requiring heavy extrication.

Upon arrival at the scene, only 3 minutes after receiving the call, 1st Assistant Chief Dan Heffernan discovered a vehicle that had struck a tree and was now resting upright on its left side. The only person inside the vehicle was the driver, who required extrication.

While EMS personnel surveyed the scene and the driver of the vehicle, firefighters secured the vehicle to prevent it from toppling over and causing any further damage or injury. The members of the ENFD removed the windshield of the vehicle and were able to extricate the single patient. He was loaded into a waiting ENFD ambulance and transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

The following ENFD apparatus responded to the scene:

Chief of Department 2-10-30

1st Assistant Chief 2-10-31

2nd Assistant Chief 2-10-32

Paramedic 2-10-81

Ambulance 2-10-25

Ambulance 2-10-15

Engine 2-10-1

Engine 2-10-4

Engine 2-10-6

Fire Police 2-10-8

Fire Police 2-10-13

Due the fast action of the East Northport Fire Department, the single patient was extricated from the vehicle only 15 minutes after receiving the call.

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